Mexican Artist: Roberto Fuentevilla

Discover the unique art of Roberto Fuentevilla. Explore the compelling story and vibrant paintings of a celebrated Mexican artist.

Fuentevilla was born in Mexico City, from an early age he had a strong inclination towards painting and plastic arts. After graduating in graphic design, he moved to Florence, Italy to continue his artistic growth in different workshops of drawing, painting and art history.

He has been professionally dedicated to art for more than 30 years, where watercolor was at first his main means of expression and later he has cultivated other techniques such as oil, acrylic and mixed techniques. He is a member of the Mexican Society of Watercolorists. In 2001 he won the National Watercolor Prize "Tlacuilo". He is the youngest painter to win it. In 2003 he participates as Mexican representative in the Biennial of Florence.

He has had more than 25 solo exhibitions in Mexico and abroad and has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Mexico, USA, Canada and Italy. For the last 10 years he has lived in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato where he has his own Art Gallery.

His work moves between realism and colorism that can be called "Spontaneous Realism". His themes; Landscape, equestrian theme, portrait, nude. In reality he paints what inspires him, what generates a feeling in him. His work is eclectic, or as the artist himself defines it, "it is a realistic representation with an explosion of color and feeling that generates a new reading to what he captures."

Fuentevilla finds inspiration in everyday life; such as a landscape, a figure, a texture or a shadow, pretexts that he uses to resignify everyday activities by pouring on the canvas a whole host of emotions through his brush.

Within his works we can find characters and landscapes that he himself reinvents and redefines in his style and form, he defines this style as a fragmentation or disintegration that gives life and movement to the image, obtaining a vibrant and lively result, close to impressionism.

Within the artistic currents where his work fluctuates, three stand out, for example, from Realism he retakes the honesty of everyday life; from Surrealism he generates fantastic images diluted with textures provoking the senses with the magic of his scenarios, and, finally, from impressionism, all this mixed together results in a vibrant work, full of life and color.

I paint what moves me, what touches my heart... Art that does not generate a feeling in the creator and in the spectator has no soul.